• VAS 130-12
  • VAS 12 Kanal Digital 1000
  • VAS-DIGIT700
  • VAS-Serie
  • VAS-DIGIT700-mood

The top model of our program controlled heat treatment units, with up to 12 separate control circuits. Depending on requirements, fewer or more control circuits can be supplied.

In this way it is possible to start various programs either simultaneously or at staggered intervals. The automatic system ensures the precise implementation of the heat treatment parameters. The control circuits can be linked in order to ensure the precise distribution of temperature throughout the component.

Temperature recorders serve to register temperatures through 6 or 12 circuits in the accuracy classes 0.5 and 0.1, according to DIN 43710. Fewer or more circuits are also available.

The units operate with voltages of 30V and 60V and the dimensions of the heating element ensure that a 1“ circumferential weld, as well as a fitting or a large circumferential vessel weld, can be processed. Models with higher or lower voltages can also be supplied, as required.

Two control systems are available: DIGIT 700 and DIGIT 1000.